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Celebration Forest   

Forest Gallery

We Are Growing Celebration Forest We Are Growing Celebration Forest Real live Little Nut This is our very own "Little Nut" which grew this past summer from the acorn we planted last fall!! 204509069 Great Tree My son Jonathan and I walked up the steep incline to the top of Highland Park in Rochester NY to find this amazing Oak Tree. She became the inspiration for the Story Little Nut. Under the shade of this great tree is a bench and the perfect view of the park. What a gift to us and to the people of this city. Someone over 1oo years ago planted and dedicated this tree. What a life giving legacy!! 204572762 Jeff's Jungle There was a time in my life when I had mango, coconut, banana, malanga, orange, guava, grapefruit and many more...and I had a relationship with each of my trees....but sadly they were all chopped down....but one day I would like to have another mini tropical forest.... 204583244 Forest Floor Visitors-Anam Cara 2018 So many depend upon the gifts from trees...air, shade, housing...and of course food. These sweet deer mice forage for seeds, nuts and berries.. 204888435 Unitarian Universalist Congregation of The Chesapeak Planted in honor of their minister at the occasion of their Installation service. 204938317 Little Nut Tree in Winter Yes, many of the pictures you see in the Celebration Forest Adventure series are photos of trees and creatures we have taken right here on our farm! 204938318 The Night Tree In Winter Here she is, growing still through many winters. Did you know that Evergreen Trees share food with nearby Deciduous Trees throughout the winter. I wonder if the Oaks, Maple, Birch and Beech help the Evergreens as well?...Maybe it is a "pay it forward" kind of giving arrangement since all trees share food with others...even those of other species. 204938320 Holly Kelsey's Tree Story My name is Holly Kelsey. I was reminded of your lovely movement because a local business, Beyond Yoga, is giving donations to Celebration Forest. Here is my own story with a tree to share. In front of Brockport High School, there stands a pine tree. While waiting for rides after extracurricular activities, I would spend hours sitting on the lower branches singing, reading, and enjoying nature. It was a place of serenity. But one day, I got to the school and saw they had cut down all the branches on the lower half of the tree. I actually felt a pain not for myself, but for the tree. I felt it had lost its' vitality. Never again was there a shady, dry spot to sit and read. I then moved on and have found other trees to climb and read. Trees have always been inspiring to me, though. As they stand strong and weathered, they don't actually gain anything by surviving. They live just to provide life support to the organisms around it. And that is a lesson to live by. Stand tall, help those who come to you for it, bend to the turbulence of life without losing your ground, and remember that we are always growing. So that's that. To get to the point, I was wondering if I could volunteer to help actually plant trees. 205001137